Dale Technology Ltd is a leading provider of Educational Management Systems to schools/colleges of all sizes in Ireland and the UK.
Our aim is to streamline your business processes by providing a bespoke solution for your schools needs. Our solutions deliver quantifiable cost savings and positive service enhancements for our loyal satisfied client base. We design, develop and support our systems using the latest technology and a proactive approach.

At Dale Technology we understand the value of your data and realise your need to expand and develop your business. We want to understand how your school operates and to work with you to ease the burden of daily administration tasks while enhancing productivity.

We specialise in Database creation, cross-platform, using FileMaker Pro as our key tool, with expertise in Oracle, Access and PHP. This allows rapid prototyping and application development.  Our conversion team specialises in upgrading Filemaker systems to the latest release with minimum downtime for your school.

The ever increasing accountability pressure being brought to bear on Head Teachers, their staff and the Board of Management is demanding a need for a management and measurement process that provides total transparency and easy access to all the contributing parties.

Moreover it also has to satisfy your students and their parents or guardians.

As an educational facility you have a Duty of Care to the parents and guardians of your students – as they seek reassurance on a daily basis that their investment in their children’s education is being repaid. Something, that up until now came about in an end-of-term report – essentially reporting on matters and events in the past.

Dtems is the way of the future – total transparency – immediate (password protected) access for the school – the parents, the students to get comprehensive information on school life. In short everything that keeps those who need to know – in the picture.