Increasing evidence demonstrates that parents would like more regular, accurate and specific information on their children’s progress in school.  Parents like to be treated as partners in their children’s education and be kept informed of their children’s activities and achievements. 

Dale Technology Ltd. offers an educational management system that provides comprehensive information to parents and staff without placing an additional workload on the school staff known as dtems.

Putting parents in the picture
Dtems offers parents the ability to log into the schools website and securely access information relating to their child. The parental website includes class timetables, academic reports, absenteeism, excursions, sporting events, school calendar and news, awards received, detention etc. thus enabling the parent to be more actively involved in their children’s school life. It facilitates a team approach making an effective union of Teacher, Student and Parent.

A Co-operative Approach
The sharing of information provides parents with an insight to student life and invites the parents to have an active input in their children’s education.  This transparent, honest and co-operative approach lends itself to the disciplined, safe environment both parents and educators strive for in schools.

Dtems, in addition to the parental website, automatically generates a personal newsletter to each parent via email.  The newsletter informs the parents of the weekly activity for their child including their forthcoming events, excursions, absenteeism and the latest school news.  Up to now such detailed weekly updates have not been possible in the traditional school environment.

Dtems offers teachers an efficient easy system to view and update student details.
The ability to retrieve information on an individual student at the click of a button is a highly effective management tool given the number of students for which the teacher is responsible.

Teachers find the system particularly beneficial during parent teacher meetings, as they can easily view the students’ photo, all previous and present academic reports, absenteeism, excursions etc which gives them a complete picture of the students’ progress and circumstances. This makes such meetings more effective, efficient and focused.

Student Details

"Dale Technology has developed an exceptional management tool for the College. Timetabling and the reporting system are only two of the features of a system that has revolutionised whole-school administration and management........." Alexandra College Dublin
“Information that would previously have taken us days to extract and collate is now available on demand” Principal, South Dublin School

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